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What Makes Us Exceptional

One on One Tutoring

Our Personalized one-on-one teaching allows the instructor to address the student's specific needs, leading to more effective and comprehensive learning. Also, helps students to grasp concepts at their pace

Qualified tutors

Our teachers are skilled, experienced and trained, selected through rigorous process and sound academic evaluations to ensure excellence for students.

Homework Assigned

After every session, receive printable homework to reinforce learning. Prioritize self-practice with downloadable homework after each class. Educator-crafted HW, personally selected by your class teacher for you.

HW Reviewed

Submit HW for teacher review, get personalized feedback, and clarifications. Incorrect answers addressed in upcoming sessions for thorough understanding.

Quiz for Practice

Enhance self-practice with our Intractive online quizzes feature offering multiple levels: easy, moderate, and difficult. Evaluate yourself effectively through these quizzes.

Get all notifications

Receive class progress report, classwork via email. Stay informed about your child's learning, upcoming topics, and homework status.

We are Affordable

We offer affordable, high-quality one-on-one classes, fostering joyful learning for students and budget-friendly options for parents.

Aligned curriculum

We offer curriculum-aligned tutoring. Our teachers readily assist with homework, questions, and doubts, ensuring comprehensive support for students.

Thousands of Happy Students and Counting more

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