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In our programs, we empower students to embrace the wonders of mathematics. From mastering fundamental concepts to delving into advanced mathematical theories, our approach is designed to foster a love for learning and to equip students with the mathematical superpower that propels them toward academic success.

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How do we make Math easy to Learn?

Sometimes students find math as hard and tough subjects. The problem usually starts because basics like arithmetic and multiplication tables aren't clear from the beginning. It's important for students to feel confident right from the start of their school journey.

To excel in maths, students need two key things: daily practice and the right teacher guidance.

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Our Teaching Approach

Our approach to teaching math is grounded in the following principles:

Grasping Instead of Just Remembering:

We focus on getting the hang of the main ideas and principles in math, rather than just learning formulas and steps by heart.

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Continuous Assessment and Feedback:

We provide regular assessment and feedback to track students' progress and identify areas for improvement through our weekly assignment process.

Creativity and Problem-solving:

We encourage students to be creative in solving mathematical problems. We request them to read the problem statement aloud and then inquire about the approach they believe we should use in problem statement and why., fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Personalized Education:

We adjust our instruction to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs, making sure that every student has the necessary support for success. As each student learns at their own pace and has their unique style, we ensure to adapt our approach accordingly.

What do we teach at Shree RSC Tutors?

Primary Grades:

In primary grade, mathematics lays the foundation for logical thinking, problem-solving, and quantitative reasoning. Students' progress from basic counting and number recognition to more complex concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They also explore geometry, measurement, and data handling. During this time, they develop their mathematical fluency and accuracy, gaining confidence in their ability to tackle mathematical challenges.

Building Math Foundations

Numbers and Place Value:Learn numbers up to 1000, how to read and write them, grasp the concept of place values, distinguish between large and small numbers, understand ascending and descending order, and explore the concept of a number line. We ensure that you gain confidence with numbers.

Addition and Subtraction:Learn how to add and subtract simple two-digit numbers with and without carrying, using column methods for addition. Understand the concept of borrowing and practice adding and subtracting with the help of a number line in class. We also encourage children to employ mental maths skills in calculations. For instance, when adding 57 and 23, they can break down 57 into 50 and 7, and 23 into 20 and 3. Then, add 50 and 20 to get 70, and 7 and 3 to get 10. Finally, add 70 and 10 to obtain the answer 80. We motivate them to increase speed with accuracy.

Times Tables:We consistently go through times tables in each class. Certainly, we provide them with techniques and tricks on how to memorize times tables. However, to become masters in calculation, it's important that students remember times tables. For instance, when asked what 6 times 7 is, they should give the answer 42, or when asked about 8 times 9, it's 72. This is how we encourage them to practice and use repetition to learn times tables.

Multiplication and Division:Learn multiplication tables involving two-digit numbers by one digit and three-digit numbers by one digit with carrying. Additionally, we introduce division using the Bus Stop method, ensuring understanding even when there is no remainder.

Fraction Introduction and measurement:We instruct students to recognize halves, quarters, and even eighths, comprehending how parts contribute to a whole. We also delve into measuring lengths, heights, weight, and time using standard units, practicing with questions based on units.

Money and Time:We teach how to recognize coins and notes, make change, and solve money puzzles with expertise in the marketplace. Tell the time to the hour and half-past, navigate days and weeks. Learn calendar skills and solve word problems based on money and time's.

Geometry and Statistics:In our classes, we educate students about 2D and 3D shapes, explaining how they are constructed, their sides, vertices, and edges. With our guidance, students learn how to draw these shapes on paper and identify examples based on different shapes. We teach simple bar charts with the help of colorful pictures and chart worksheets in class, so students learn how to create them effectively.


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