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shreersc tutors common faqs
What do Shree RSC Tutors focus on?

  At Shree RSC, our prime focal point is to provide a tailored and feasible tutoring service with an esteemed group of highly qualified and experienced faculty. With our tutoring services candidates can expect reliable tutors to meet all their prerequisites in terms of assessing each student's needs, subject preferences, financial limits, and level of tutoring required. We aim to provide top-notch tutoring service with cutting-edge innovative practices intended to improve the teacher-student interaction as well as the student's overall success. Your victory is our triumph!

Which Subjects do you Teach?

  We Provide Online one-on-one Tutoring for Math, English, Physics, Tutors, Chemistry, and Coding.

Where can I find the Curriculum?

  On our website home page top Menu, there is a 'Curriculum' tab. Our Specially designed curriculum ensures to cover all topics from the school for each year, but also adding other important topics to help students stay ahead. With every topic covered with Shree RSC Tutors, the student receives a test to check and review their proficiency in the current topic, to make sure that we leave no weak points!

Do you Provide Worksheets?

  Yes, we have numerous worksheets for all Grades on our website available publicly. Additionally, we provide them as homework after each tutoring session to students.
  Our worksheets invigorate kids to engage on their own and look for a solution on their own. They develop logic in the children. By the virtue of worksheets, you can teach children how to think. Their logic builds up as they try to figure out solutions and answers by themselves.

How is my homework evaluated?

  Once the student uploads the completed homework on the portal, the tutor will evaluate the homework and can also give remarks on the homework done.

Will I get a demo/trial class before I commit to full-time Classes?

  Yes, once we have selected an online tutor for you or your child that matches your tuition requirement, we will organize a demo/trial session with the tutor. If you like the trial/demo session and if you want to continue with the same teacher then we can take the process ahead.

How does online tutoring work?

  Options for how it works include:

  • a standard video chat with both the online tutor and the student showing their work/instruction to the webcam.
  • a bespoke online virtual classroom environment where a tutor follows a carefully worked out programme of lessons often using functionality similar to an interactive whiteboard.
  • A 'shared screen' type approach where the tutor is screen sharing and potentially annotating it for the student to follow, possibly with a messaging function as well.
Why do people use online tutoring?

  The benefits of online tutoring are covered in detail below, but broadly parents and students choose online tutoring for one of four reasons:

  1. To improve exam technique and ultimately get better grades, whether that's SATs, GCSE, or A Levels.
  2. To plug gaps in learning or support a child who's struggling in a subject.

  As you'll have noticed all these reasons apply just as much to face-to-face tuition as to online tutoring. That is deliberate. Online tutoring provides all the benefits of face-to-face tutoring but with much greater convenience.

Is online tutoring safe?

  Online tutoring is very safe.

Is it a one-to-one class?

  Yes, we have one-to-one classes hence a tutor can focus on the individual learner's needs. However, we have a customized plan which makes sure that each child gets individual attention as and when we need it.

Will you conduct any exams or tests and when?

  We conduct many different tests to see whether the child has grasped the topics taught in class. These tests include Chapter Wise Tests, daily worksheets, and assignments. They are conducted regularly every month.

How can parents be involved & also informed of their child's learning?

  From the very beginning of the student's journey, our team makes sure the parent is involved and notified of the student's academic status. We start with an Introductory Meeting with the parents, student, and tutor, Once the student enrolls, we share daily Feedback Reports with the parents and have feedback meetings with the parents to discuss the progress and development of the child. This helps the parents to always be on the same page when it comes to the academics of the student.

What is the reason that your tutors are qualified to teach my child?

  Our tutors are selected from a large pool of applications. These tutors are then put through a screening process involving a written test, a demo class, and an interview. Once selected they are put through a rigorous induction process. They are also observed during an apprentice phase before they are given a live centre.

Which Curriculum do Shree RSC Tutors follow?

  We always follow the school curriculum.

Do you have an mobile application?

  Yes, we do have the Shree RSC application for android and iPhone users which can be easily downloaded.

How do we submit the homework?

  A parent can take a printout of the worksheet and can share However if the printer is not available then a student can do homework in the notebook and the parent can click the pictures and upload it on the portal.

How easy can we connect to the Shree RSC Tutors team?

  Please contact us at +44 7442 074 163 or email us at support@shreersctutors.com or send us a message through the website.


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